About Coach Kimble


Coach Kimble has worked over 100 weeks of college and university basketball camps as well as his own camps in five different locations in both Illinois and Florida. He has spoken at several other camps and various coaching clinics in multiple states.

He also has had close to 90 articles published in the following publications such as: The Basketball Bulletin of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, the Scholastic Coach and Athletic Journal magazine, the Winning Hoops monthly publication, the Basketball Sense publication, the Coach & Athletic Director magazine, The Real AAU Basketball magazine, the American Basketball Quarterly publication, several articles submitted as postings on the web page “www.coachingtoolbox.com.”  In addition, he created all diagrams drawn for two different editions/publishings of Coaching Basketball (written by Coach Jerry Krause).

He has also written and has had five books published along with over 28 different DVDs by Coaches Choice (www.coacheschoice.com)  and Sysko Sports Production (www.syskos.com.) 

He has taught/coached individual players and groups of players in private lessons for several years.

He coached a 7th Grade Boys Basketball AAU Team to a 6th Place Finish in the Division II National Basketball Championship in Memphis, Tennessee in July of 2014. 

He has consulted and instituted an offensive system for a team in the North American Basketball League.


Follow him on Twitter @CoachJohnKimble

and see his Web Page “www.CoachJohnKimble.com”