Book-of-the-Month: The Complete Basketball Coaches’ Guide to Footwork, Balance, and Pivoting

The Basketball Coaches’ Complete Guide to

The Multiple Match-Up Zone Defense

The Multiple Match-Up Zone Defense can be as basic and simple as any defense, or it can be a sophisticated and multiple defensive scheme that can include a variety of aggressive defensive stunts.  These stunts can be utilized to either protect the overall defense or to probe the opposition’s offense for any hidden offensive weaknesses.  Using defensive stunts can change an entire offensive team’s mindset and general attitude towards the defense.  The defense can become the aggressors and the ‘actors’ and force the opposition’s offense to become the more passive ‘reactors’ and therefore control the game’s tempo and the opposition’s overall offense. 
Among the topics
covered are the “Match-Up Zone Defense’s:

Many advantages of utilizing it as an attacking, aggressive and complicated (only to the opposition) defense,

Many different defensive alignments and placement of personnel,


Required Defensive stances,

Basic Defensive Slides and Coverages,

Basic Defensive Box-Out Responsibilities and Assignments,

Basic Defensive Stunts

Basic Methods to Defend Specific Offensive Actions,

Breakdown Drills to Strengthen the Overall Defense


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  1. Hi Coach – I’ve been looking for something just like this! And it’s a small world, I coach varsity boys basketball at Calvary Christian in Normal, Illinois. In my 3rd year. Noticed in your bio you’ve coached at DeLand Weldon (a fellow conference school) and at Lexington who we also play a couple times each year. Hope you don’t mind but I’d like to use some of your knowledge against those schools this coming season. 🙂 What’s the best way to purchase the book/dvd?

    All the best!

    1. Indeed a small world. Loved coaching at both places. As an Assistant at Lexington, we won the Super Sectional at ISU Horton and went on to State. Became a Head Coach at DW for 5 years Played some games at Horton in Sectional. Then went to Dunlap and we got 2nd when there were only two classes in ’81. Great years. Coaches Choice in Monterey California publishes all five of my books and all 28 DVDs. Let me know which one(s) you got and we can talk thru any of them. Good Luck

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