DVD-of-the-WEEK: The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses–Vol. 4: The “TRIPLE-STACK” Set & the “HEAVY” Continuity Zone Offense


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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses —

Vol. 5:   The “TRIPLE-STACK” Set/Alignment


details the key factors involved in executing the triple stack alignment. The DVD covers the initial placement of each offensive player in this set, as well as introduces several quick-hitting plays and entries that can easily be integrated into this particular offensive attack. The DVD also looks at the heavy continuity zone offensea fundamentally sound plan of attack that provides the offense with a structural and free-flowing scheme after the plays have concluded. In addition, the DVD explains why partnering up this particular set with this specific continuity can be extremely successful, particularly against even-front zone defenses.

Among the topics covered:

  • Triple Stack
  • Triple Stack Set entries/plays
  • Army entry
  • Navy entry
  • Air Force entry
  • Marines entry
  • The Heavy Continuity Zone Offense
  • Reversal Pass rule
  • Wings Pass rule
  • Post Pass rule
  • Short-Corner Pass rule
  • Skip Pass rule
  • Baseline Out-of-Bounds plays
  • “H” (SOB)





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