DVD-of-the-WEEK: “The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses: Volume 10–General Techniques of Zone Offenses”

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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses–

Vol. 10: General Techniques of Zone Offenses

provides a detailed overview of several of the key individual player techniques attendant to sound zone offense. Utilizing these techniques can enable coaches to effectively and efficiently integrate a new zone offensive set and/or a new continuity zone offense into their team’s offensive attack against zone defenses. The DVD is designed as a resource for basketball coaches who want to enhance the scoring capability of their team’s zone offense.

Among the topics covered:

Overall theme 

The Encyclopedia of Zone Offenses introduction 

Weaknesses of the “1-1-3” Zone Defenses

Weaknesses of the “2-3” Zone Defenses

Weaknesses of the “1-3-1” Zone Defenses

Weaknesses of the “1-2-2” Trap Defense 

Weaknesses of the “2-2-1” Trap Defense 

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