DVD-of-the-WEEK: The “SHORT” Zone Offense Set/Alignment



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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses–

Vol. 16:  The “SHORT” Set

discusses the key factors involved in effectively executing the short set. The DVD points out the appropriate placement of offensive personnel for optimal production in this alignment, as well as details several offensive concepts that are incorporated in this set. The DVD also reviews eight different plays/entries that can be successfully employed from this set against both even-front and odd-front zone defenses. In addition, the DVD explains how integrating this set with one or more continuity zone offenses can enhance its scoring capability.

Among the topics covered:

Overall theme of the “Short” Set

  • The “Short” Set/Alignment Zone Offense package 
  • “Lightning” Play/Entry
  • “Rain” Play/Entry
  • “Blizzard” Play/Entry
  • “Thunder” Play/Entry
  • “Snow” Play/Entry
  • “Hurricane” Play/Entry
  • “Wind” Play/Entry
  • “Tornado” Play/Entry
  • “Split” Play/Entry
  • “False Motion” Concept and Action



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