DVD-of-the-WEEK: “The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses– Vol. 1:  “LINES” Set & “CORNERS” Trap Offense”


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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses —

Vol. 1:  The “LINES” Set and the “CORNERS” Continuity Zone Trap Offense

features a detailed overview of the “Lines” Set. The DVD includes quick-hitting plays and entries that can easily be incorporated into this court-tested offensive attack. The DVD also looks at the “Corners” Continuity Zone Offense—a fundamentally sound play-of-attack that enables the offense to sustain a structured and free-flowing attack against the defense. In addition, the DVD explains why partnering the “Lines” set with the “Corners” Continuity Offense can be very effective against both odd-front zone defenses and half-court trap defenses.

Among the topics covered:

“Corners” Trap Offense

“Down Pass” Rule

“Up Pass” Rule

“Ball Reversal” Rule

“Extend-the-Pass” Technique/Concept

“Skip Pass” Rule

“Inside Pass” Rule

“Lines” Set/Alignment

“Big” Play/Entry

The “Little” Play/Entry

The “Medium” Play /Entry

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