DVD-of-the-WEEK: “The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses Vol. 13: The “TRIPLE-POST” Continuity Offense


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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses–Vol. 13:

The “TRIPLE-POST” Continuity Zone Offense

details how coaches can develop a prepared and free-flowing attack to counter any type of zone defense. Examining the key factors involved in this unique offensive system, the DVD explains the inherent advantages in the triple-post continuity zone offense, as well as outlines nine separate plays/entries that can be executed out of the various sets/alignments in this offense. The DVD also points out three different secondary breaks that can be transitioned from primary fastbreaks, before then converting into this offense.

Among the topics covered:

  • Overall theme of the Triple Post Continuity Zone Offense
  • The “Triple-Post” Set/Alignment Zone Offense Package 
  • “Triple-Post” Continuity Zone Offense Spot-ups 
  • “Rip” Play/Entry
  • “Liz”  Play/Entry
  • “Rocket” Play/Entry
  • “Ram”  Play/Entry
  • “Randy”  Play/Entry
  • Rules of the “Triple-Post” Continuity Zone Offense
  • Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays flowing into the “Triple-Post” Continuity Zone Offense
  • Secondary Fastbreak flowing into the “Triple-Post” Continuity Zone Offense

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