DVD-of-the-WEEK: “The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses Vol. 11: The “TOP” Set


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The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses–Vol. 11:

The “TOP” Set

provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in the “Top” Zone Offensive package, including several examples of the different zone offensive concepts that are integrated into this unique set. The DVD also presents five separate plays/entries out of the “Top” Set/Alignment that can be successfully employed against both even- and odd-front zone defenses. In addition, the DVD reviews seven different continuity zone offenses in which the various plays/quick-hitters can seamlessly transition to continue their team’s overall offensive attack against the opposition’s zone.

Among the topics covered:

  • Overall theme of the “Top” Set 
  • The Encyclopedia of Zone Offenses introduction 
  • Ways to score 
  • The “Top” Set Zone Offense Package 
  • “Top” Set Plays/Entries 
  • “Salt” Play/Entry 
  • “Pepper” Play/Entry 
  • “Runner” Play/Entry 
  • “Elbow” Play/Entry 
  • “Storm” Play/Entry 
  • “Shifting” Concept and Action
  • “False Motion” Concept and Action



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