Article-of-the-Month: “ABC’s of PRESS DEFENSES”

The “ABC’s” of a Zone Press

ARTICLE   # 27        

Part of Article # 21 that was published by Winning Hoops in 2014


These three drills may be modified to fit your individual needs, but they are the basic elementary breakdown drills that can be very beneficial to you and your team. These drills can fit whatever type of pressing defense you want your teams to be able to successfully run. Your imagination and your needs can modify and adapt these three basic drills to become customized to strengthen your team’s particular weaknesses.


Remember the “ABCDEF” points:

  1. A) Assume your players know nothing,
  2. B) Be detailed in your teaching of the fine points and all of the techniques,
  3. C) Be critical in a positive manner and overlook nothing,
  4. D) Demand nothing but the greatest efforts and attention from your players,
  5. E) Show by example the high levels of enthusiasm and energy that are requisites for the Press Defenses to be successful, and
  6. F) Constantly work on the fundamentals of defense to form a foundation for the defense.




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